Fighting the "new age" breast cancer where Saving plastic    
 Founder: Raquel Smith | www.pinktopps.org | pinktopps@gmail.com | 205-566-8361

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Facts: The "New Age" is a group of women who are statistically fast rising in breast cancer. This group are women aging between 16 and 35, this group rarely are aware of the factors contributing to breast cancer or it's screening process. The "New Age" rarely understand when or why the needs of mammograms are important. Pinktopps organization will focus on helping to prevent breast cancer by acknowledging what the disease is and how it affects younger adults.


Pinktopps Goals are:

  • To promote early detection and breast cancer awareness 

  • To educate young women about monthly self-examination 

  • To create self -esteem and productivity programs (consist of counseling, beauty and healthcare)

  • To financially assist with medical needs 

  • To provide transportation for patients during treatments

  • To obtain referrals from public and private agencies 

  • To provide appropriate supportive services to Family based on result of family assessment

"Pinktopps" focus on saving plastic to recycle & keep the earth clean. The plastic is donated to recycle companies in exchange for contribution donations to help save lives. Please donate to Pinktopps and help fight against "New Age" breast cancer.